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The old method of sticking extensions for your scalp (one string at the same time) continues to be being noticed. An expansion is simply fastened by this for your hair. Safe protein-based glue is used within this technique. So there’s no-worry of ruining your hair or to have ill-effects on your own body. The glue is heated to ensure that it’ll be properly work. You will not feel the glue because the warming process is not performed in a low-temperature being used on your crown.

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Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous? If your parent or grandparent ever tucked you in at night, you may have heard this common, yet somewhat curious, chant. Most children never see or hear of bedbugs and never have any idea what their ridiculous parents are talking about, drifting off to sleep without any concern of the attack of the so-called ‘bedbugs’. But, what they are blissfully unaware of is that there actually are bedbugs, scientific name cimex lectularius, and they would love to dine on the delicate flesh of a tender young offspring, if given the chance.

These creatures were most common when our ancestors were dwelling in caves, unprotected from the creatures preying on all the common wildlife of the day, but almost unheard of in the modern world of developed society. Approximately the size of a small apple seed as adults, these creepy-crawlies are notoriously difficult to find. They, like the common tick, are thin enough to slip between floor boards, under outlet covers and into the smallest spaces one could imagine, only emerging at night to feast on their unsuspecting prey.

The result of their bite and feast is no more or less harmful than that of a spider or dedicated mosquito – swelling and itching usually – and can only carry live disease, such as HIV, for up to an hour on its mouth parts so is not well know for passing disease in the modern world. And adult bedbugs can survive up to one year without feeding on blood, so their survivorship of hard times is quite amazing.

The last decade has seen an unprecedented increase in reported bites in highly developed countries – Australia in particular, reporting a 700% increase from 2000 to 2004 compared to the previous 4-year period. There however, the vast majority of the cases were reported from lower-end lodging such as back-packer hotels, people camping or in less than standard dwelling. But even here, in the good old US of A, there are increased reports on both coasts and everywhere in between, from hospitals and dorm rooms, hotels and motels, apartments and even town homes, single family homes and on cruise ships – anywhere there’s good eating for these hungry little bugs. The higher density the population, the happier they are with no regard to income or social status.

Immigrants and travelers have been blamed for their recent re-introduction into modern and developed countries in recent years. With no place on earth outside a couple days travel, we could potentially see other interesting parasites make it onto US turf as well, if customs has no way of detecting and eliminating them.

There is one additional variety of bedbug, cimex hemipterus, that prefers tropical settings, that is said to be in up to 65% of homes located in those regions. These have also made their way into Australia, but not yet to the US, most of which were directly linked to travel to Asia and other Pacific countries.

One of the reasons sited, but not confirmed for the recent proliferation of these pesky intruders is their increased resistance to certain pesticides. In the past pest-control chemicals tended to be broad based, aimed at wiping out cockroaches, ants and the like but also wiping out the populations of bedbugs at the same time. Now, as chemicals are refined to target very specific species, the bedbug is not affected by them, even immune to their effects, thusly given the opportunity to breed and flourish.

If you have a concern about bedbugs or even suspect them to be in your own home, the best thing to do is alert a pest-control company. Typically they will make some recommendations to you and even visit to inspect the area and apply some chemicals to eliminate the parasites from the area. Do not be alarmed by them however, because besides the itchy bite mark, these little critters are fairly benevolent to you and your children or pets.

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diatomaceous earth bed bugs

Diatomaceous Earth

Here is a link if you wish to familiarize yourself with a (material safety data sheet) for diatomaceous earth:

Because Bed bugs can fit into smaller spaces and tend to have larger colonies than cockroaches, Diatomaceous Earth has often been overlooked as a method of control. In order to work effectively, it must coat the individual insects, and it can be difficult to apply short of covering every surface in the infested house. Because of this, it can take much longer to eradicate this insect, and many people opt for a quicker method of controlling their infestation.

  • The Problem with Chemical Pesticides

For a long time, chemical pesticides have been relied on as the sole effective method of bedbug control.  While there are a number of effective pesticides, the most common are pyrethroids, dichlovos and malathion. These poisons can be toxic to humans and pets, and most states require that they be applied by a professional, or by someone trained in pesticide application. Hiring an exterminator can be costly and it several applications are often necessary to eradicate the Bed bugs fully.

Additionally, overuse of chemical pesticides has resulted in a growing crisis of immunity. Even the strongest pesticides may leave one or two survivors. These survivors are usually the largest, most resilient Bed bugs and when they multiply, they pass on their resilience to their offspring.

Over time, this has resulted in bedbug populations that are immune to the popular chemical pesticides, making it more difficult than ever to control infestations. Bed bugs cannot become immune to its action. When insects come in contact with this powder or ingest it, they literally dry up like a prune and die within a very short time spand; it may be a good alternative for those dealing with pesticide immunity.

  • How to Get the Best Results

Most experts recommend that Diatomaceous Earth be used in conjunction with other natural controlled methods in order to be most effective. The most important factor to keeping a bedbug-free home is awareness. The insects are commonly brought into the house in used furniture and clothing.

Because of this, it is a good idea to be wary of thrift store furniture and to dry clean any second-hand clothing or linens before bringing them into the home. Bed bugs are often picked up during travel and carried in the crevices of a suitcase or backpack. It is important to carefully inspect all luggages and dry clean as much as possible.

Bed bugs multiply rapidly and can take over a house or apartment in a short period of time, so it is also important to act immediately at the first sign of an infestation. The more time passes, the harder they will be to get rid of.

Before applying Diatomaceous Earth, it is important to steam clean all infested areas. This will kill many of the weaker bugs immediately and will make it easier to control the rest of the population. Vacuum all floors and furniture and dispose of the vacuum bag away from the house.

Remove any clutter the Bed bugs could hide behind and seal all holes and cracks that could be giving them shelter. Only once the infested area is as clean as possible, should the powder be applied.

Applications can take a few months to be fully effective. One study showed that after ten weeks, only 50% of treated apartments were completely free of Bed bugs. All apartments showed a drastic decrease in the number of bugs, however, meaning that it is an effective treatment, if not a complete cure.

When used for a greater length of time, or when used in with selective doses of chemical pesticides, it can be a very effective alternative to dousing the entire house with chemicals.

  • Taking the Proper Precautions

While Diatomaceous Earth does not contain the same high levels of toxicity as a chemical pesticide, it does carry the risk of several health hazards. Because of its porous, absorbent nature, it can cause severe drying if contact is made with the skin.

It is important when applying to wear heavy duty gloves that prevent the dust from directly touching the skin. Depending on the form of silica present in the powder, inhalation may also pose a health risk. Breathing in crystalline silica can cause silicosis and amorphous silica can cause dusty lungs.

While crystalline silica is regulated in the United States, it is a good idea to double-check the contents of any pesticide before application, particularly if it was purchased internationally. While the risk of side effects may be minimized through the use of a dust mask during application, large quantities of dust in the air may still pose a threat to children or animals living in the house.

  • Eradication at a Minimal Cost

One advantage to using Diatomaceous Earth for Bed bugs is the price. Because Bed bugs are often a problem in low-income housing that has been poorly maintained, and the cost can be a major barrier for those trying to deal with an infestation. While a professional exterminator may charge hundreds of dollars per application, a 3 lb container of powder can cost less than twenty dollars. Even over a ten-week period of multiple applications, the total treatment cost usually totals around $450, a fraction of the amount charged for the same number of chemical applications.

It is important to remember that a bedbug infestation can grow very quickly and if you hesitate to react, in the end, it may be a far greater cost to eradicate them, than you once thought? Start using Diatomaceous Earth today and eradicate these pesky insects from your home, before they eradicate you?

can you see bed bugs

can you see bed bugs?

yes they look like roaches. they get very big. one way that you can get rid of them, it sounds very strange but turn the lights off and wait about 5 minutes or so flip them on and take a bar of soap and press it on top of them. you will catch them that way. you will see them. they hide in the matress so the only way to not worry about it is to get a new mattress. But if you don’t have bugs litterally crawling in your bed you don’t have them.

Adult bedbugs are more visible, but the “children” are tiny and still can be seen if a person looks closely where a “nest” is found. Check around the seems of yourmattress, carefully inspecting each inch, top and bottom, lifting up the seems as you go around. You might notice one hiding .. ONE IS A PROBLEM. or you might come across a nest even. You’ll see their droppings if they’re there. If the problem is out of hand with many nests it will be very difficult to get under control and you might consider just tossing out the mattress .. but WASH EVERY STITCH OF FABRIC YOU HAVE IN THE HOME .. INCLUDING THE DRAPES IN BOILING HOT WATER TO KILL THE BUGS THAT MIGHT BE THERE because the problem will just seep back into any new matress you purchase. TheY didn’t just appear out of nowhere into the mattress, and are most likely hiding in cracks and crevices around the home .. including inside clocks, tvs, radios .. they just need a tiny space to hide in and are hard to crush so get your home FUMIGATED if you find even one and VACCUUM VACCUUM VACCUUM REGULARLY even if you don’t have an infestation at the moment.

you can also buy Acrosan from bissell which you can spray and also use to sprinkle on your mattress then vaccum it. the spray formula can be sprayed onto clean pillows or on vaccumed mattress’ and will kill dust mites for up to 2 weeks. it is a new product from bissell so i reccomend checking out their website before you go to the store!

Size of Bed Bugs


  • The size of bed bugs varies greatly, but adults usually top out between 4 and 5 mm in length and 1.5 to 3 mm in width.The size of the bugs depends on how full they are. An engorged bed bug that’s just finished a meal measures on the larger end of the scale.